“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” – Bill Gates

CEP 800: Lesson Implementation Reflection

Due to it being summer vacation, this week I implemented my American Revolution lesson with an improvised audience: my boyfriend and my sister. The learning goals of my lesson were to forge connections between the events of the American Revolution using Inspiration 9 software. To read more about the outcome of my lesson, please see my reflection below.


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CEP 800: Evaluating Technology Lesson Plan

For this week’s assignment in CEP 800, we were asked to write a lesson plan that incorporates technology holistically and dynamically. The technology was to be used in a meaningful, purposeful way, hoping causing a shift in student understanding around the chosen topic area.

My lesson plan focuses on the causes and effects of the American Revolution. During the lesson, students will be using Inspiration 9 software to create their own concept maps that illustrate their own thinking about the connections and relationships between the various events of the American Revolution. Check it out below!

CEP 800_Module 5 Lesson Plan

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CEP 800: Digital Storytelling

For this week’s CEP 800 assignment, I created a digital story that showcases my 5th grade students as they learned about the American Revolution. The “twist” in my video is that differences in students’ understandings will affect what students learn. In this scenario, I had to draw upon students’ prior understandings in order to guide my teaching of the lesson. There was a common misunderstanding that the British were the “bad” guys, and that King George III only taxed the colonists to oppress them, so that misunderstanding is what influenced my lesson.

Piaget’s theory of adaptation (1952) fits well with this lesson, as the students came into the classroom with very strong views that wouldn’t be easily altered. Every new piece of information was at first assimilated into students’ existing schemas, so I had to try to create disequilibrium for students in order to get them to change their views and to make accommodations.

For more information, please see the video below:

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CEP 800: Powerful Learning Experiences

For this week’s assignment in CEP 800, I asked one of my 5th grade students some questions relating to the Earth and the Sun. The purpose of the assignment was to really listen to determine where misconceptions may lie. To listen to the audio recording and to hear my learning experiences from this event, please click below.

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