“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” – Bill Gates

CEP811 – Remix

on July 1, 2014

Week 1 in CEP 811 has focused on taking knowledge and ideas that already exist and transforming that information into something new. For my first assignment, I was asked to choose a popular education buzzword, to research current videos/images on the topic, and then to make my own remix video that thoroughly and creatively explained the buzzword.

The buzzword that I chose was “Individualized Learning”, which is the process of tailoring content to better fit the needs and interests of an individual student. The beauty of this type of learning process is that it allows students to work at their own pace, through their own creative lenses, but still holds them accountable for the material. The information being taught does not change, but the ways in which the information is analyzed and applied may vary from student to student.

To create my remix, I used Mozilla PopcornMaker. I have had success with iMovie in the past, so I was excited to use a program that would allow me to edit videos in a new way. This tool looked user-friendly at first glance, but contained many glitches. The program froze constantly, and it was difficult to cut clips exactly where I wanted. Unfortunately, my final product did not match my initial vision precisely, but due to the glitches I was experiencing, I could not solve all of the problems that I came across. One of the biggest problems that I encountered was that the YouTube clips that I used would not play in “Preview” mode – they only worked when I was in “edit” mode. This is quite problematic, as the beginning and ending of my remix contain video clips that contribute important information about my topic, and the middle of my remix doesn’t make as much sense without those parts. I promptly tweeted @Mozilla to try to resolve this issue; and one of my instructors came to the rescue! (It turns out Safari does not like Popcorn Maker; try Firefox or Chrome instead). Although Mozilla PopcornMaker is not my preferred video editing tool, I still feel that my remix is informative and worth the watch!

Check out my Individualized Learning Remix Video!

(NOTE: If the video in the above link is having difficulty loading, please view this link instead. I made a screencast of my edit screen so the video would play as intended). 


DSC00714: CC BY

Students and laptops: CC BY-NC-SA

Student_ipad_school -025: CC BY

Student_ipad_school – 073: CC BY

Textbook purple: CC SA


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